research methods

Research Methods to Meet Your Needs

Our team can help you with a variety of research methodologies. Based on the goals and objectives of your project, we will recommend an optimal method to gain the insight you need — whether qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed-modal/hybrid approach.

Quantitative Research and Analysis

Often collected as online, SMS, in-person or phone surveys (data reportable numerically); may include statistical analysis, financial data and/or demographics to help inform your most pressing business decisions.

online customer surveys, consumer surveys, buyer surveys

Measure, monitor and gain insight through surveys of your target buyers or current customers.

Blocks of connected data separate customers into critical segments

Data segmentation for deeper understanding of your key audiences.

chart representing data analysis, quantitative research and visualization

Visualization of your data to make findings clear and actionable.

Qualitative Research and Insights

Moderated discussions (insight reportable as key themes); provides in-depth understanding of behavior and attitudes to tease out deeper understanding of customer experience or purchase drivers and gather perspectives in their own words.

In-depth interviews to draw out motivations, reasons and drivers behind your audience’s actions and perceptions.

three people speaking: focus group research

Focus group research to gain deeper insight from groups of participants, allowing them to build on and expand on each other’s input.

Online bulleting board research