market research project types

Market Research to Help Grow Your Business

Our market research professionals can help your organization with a host of research projects types, to answer your business’ critical questions all delivered via qualitative, quantitative, or hybrid (qual/quant) methodologies. Our expert team has extensive experience and can support your organization’s needs in such areas as:

Advertising & Media Research

Marketing and advertising are often require expensive investments in design and media reach. Our team can work with you to test your ad messaging and effectiveness, to confirm whether they are likely resonate with your target audience, whether they are memorable, and whether they are conveying your brand’s attributes.

Brand Research

Your brand is an important element of your business. It tells your customers who you are, and helps build your relationship with them. Our team can work with you to monitor your brand health, measure brand awareness, assess your brand identity, and confirm that their is a strong relationship between your brand and your clients’ perceptions of your brand attributes.

Communications and Thought Leadership Research

As a thought leader, you continually strive to understand the key issues that impact your audience. You offer them educational information and useful advice. And you’re always learning more, to try to stay ahead of the curve. Our team has worked with experts in a number of industries, to help them learn more about shifts and emerging issues. Let us help gather insights that help you maintain and highlight your position as a thought leader in your space.

Customer Journey

Growing your business means understanding all the stages in the journey; from a prospective buyer exploring options, right through to their decision to re-purchase/renew. Our team can assist you with journey mapping and research to explore the customer journey at each stage — so that you know what’s working, and how you can win or keep your valued clients.

Business or Product Research

Before your company invests in rolling out a new product, service or solution for your clientele, there are elements you are likely to want to understand in more depth. Our team has engaged in a variety of product research to inform product development, uncover user needs and assess user experience (UX) — as well as usability testing, product / service naming, taste-testing and packaging design.

Employee Experience (EX)

Coax’ research experts have supported a variety of projects related to employee experience, including employee lifecycle measurement, diversity and inclusion, training, learning & development, employee engagement, morale and performance, and employee benefits.

Customer Experience (CX) & Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Whether your organization is building a centralized customer experience program, you have customer service teams addressing specific points in the customer journey, or you need customer insights to inform the next iteration of your service offerings, we can provide CX program guidance, execute customer surveys that leverage the appropriate CX metrics for your organization — such as Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort (CES) or Net Promoter Score® (NPS) — or design a custom survey to help you gain the client insights you need.

Talk to us about your business challenges we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your research goals and build a strategy to help address them!