insurance and financial services

Insurance & Financial Services

Our team at Coax Insights has worked in support of insurance and financial services companies, with research experience for the insurance industry that spans more than 30 years.

We know that insurance is a critical industry, with strict regulatory oversight. We also know that insurance, like so much else that matters, is about being a trustworthy partner who can be counted on to fulfill your promises to clients, partners, and colleagues.

Coax Insights is a proud member of the Society of Insurance Research.


We’ve supported a host of project types for the insurance industry, such as:

  • Customer Journey, Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction
  • Branding, Brand Health, Brand Perceptions & Value Proposition
  • Product, Service and Platform Development
  • Unmet Needs and Purchase Preferences
  • Platform User Experience, User Interface; Adoption & Change Management
  • Thought Leadership, PR & Marketing Communications
  • Competitive Perceptions & Insights
  • Event Planning and Event Evaluations
  • Education & Learning Opportunities
  • Human Resources / Employee Relations
  • Employee Experience, Employee Engagement, and Internal Communications


The insurance industry includes a number of critical stakeholder audiences, and we have engaged in research on all of them, including:

  • Trusted Advisors and Intermediaries
    Agents / Brokers
    Wholesalers & MGAs
    Reselling Partners
    Wealth Managers & Financial Managers
  • Clients
    Customers and
    Customer Advisory Boards
  • Business Insurance Decision Makers such as:
    Fortune 500 and Middle Market Risk Managers, CFOs, and similar roles
    Small Business Owners and Managers
    HR & Benefits Managers
  • Consumers including:
    Homeowners (including High Net Worth)
    Travel Insurance Buyers
  • Employees such as:
    Claims Handlers
    System Users
    Account Managers & Field Teams

Insurance Categories

We know that “insurance” is not a monolith. We have worked with clients on research needs related to lines such as Property & Casualty, Financial & Cyber, Accident & Health, Business Travel, Excess/Umbrella, Surety, and Agriculture, as well as Consumer insurance needs such as Homeowner, Auto, Personal Travel, and Valuable Articles/Collections.

Risk Topics

In the course of our tenure working with and for insurance entities, we have explored a variety of risk areas of interest to our clients, including:

  • Top Risk Concerns and Emerging Risks
  • Preparedness and Mitigation Approaches
  • Small Business Risk
  • Insight into Niche Industries and Business Types (Privately-Owned companies, Clean & Green Tech companies, etc.)
  • Homeowner Risks (Cyber Exposures, Water Damage, etc.)
  • Diversity and Generational / Gender Attitudes Toward Risk and Risk Management
  • Digital and Cyber Risks

… and more.

We understand the regulatory and compliance sphere in which insurance entities operate. We also know the ever-changing privacy laws that apply to market research. So we follow best practices in questionnaire design, data handling, and respondent privacy. And of course, when we do a study for you, it’s yours; we custom design it to meet your needs, and we will never share your results, even in the aggregate, without your express written consent.

We bring together this long-standing insurance experience and depth of research know-how, to help serve your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.