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Insight for your business

Successful businesses need insight.

Coax Insights enables companies to make informed business decisions by tapping into the expertise of professionals with robust experience in research design, execution, analysis and interpretation, to help our clients gain insight into buyers, customers, and partners.

The research professionals here at Coax Insights bring together more than 30 years of research and customer experience knowledge, to support our clients by delivering custom qualitative and quantitative research consulting services. We partner with our clients to answer their most important questions, to help them gain the insight they need.

Custom Research Projects

Need assistance with a specific research need?

We’ll customize your project, whether it requires quantitative, qualitative, or multi-modal methods, to help answer your organization’s pressing questions.

stylized chart representing quantitative research and related methodologies, including surveys, data analysis, and segmentation

Quantitative research (e.g. surveys) and analytics to help inform your most pressing business decisions.

stylized chat box representing qualitative research such as interviews, focus groups, bulletin boards

Qualitative insights (e.g. in-depth interviews, focus groups) to tease out deeper understanding of customer experience or purchase drivers and gather perspectives in your audience’s own words.

Research Consultation

Need support for your internal research team?

We know that even when companies have an internal research insights team, that team is often stretched thin, with more on their plates than people to accomplish it.

stylized image representing a CX and research consulting team

Chat with us about how our consultative team can help fill the gaps and support your insights team, to provide your organization with the research insights it needs.